How it works

When we arrive at your premises to shred your hard drives, the following happens:

  • We pull up, speak with you to find the best place to set up, and setup our hard drive shredding machine where directed. Setup takes a couple of minutes.

  • Our machine is powered by an internal engine, so it does not need to connect to your power infrastructure.

  • We fire up the machine and start shredding drives. The shredding unit is enclosed in acoustic panelling to make it as quiet as possible.

  • Shredding each drives takes approximately 60 seconds.

  • The remnants of each drive are collected in collection bins, which we remove for you.

  • Once finished, we clean up the site of any mess and leave, taking the destroyed drive remains with us.

  • Once back at our site, the remains of your drives are recycled in an environmentally friendly fashion.