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Format Five - Australian Secure On-Site Hard Drive Shredding


Format Five - Australian Secure On-Site Hard Drive Shredding

Format Five is the brainchild of two tech professionals based in Melbourne, who were frustrated at having no decent options for dealing with hard drive destruction properly.

After surveying the options locally and overseas, we discovered there was no fast, safe, reliable and surefire way of destroying hard drives available on the market. 

We designed and built a hard drive shredding machine that is portable and quiet enough to be used on residential streets, with the intent of helping Australian companies and individuals securely destroy their end-of-life devices. 


When you book a job with Format Five, this is what you can expect:

  • We arrive on time and our highly trained staff set up the hard drive shredding unit for secure destruction

  • We shred your drives quickly and efficiently, taking approximately 60 seconds per drive

  • We collect the shredded drive remnants for you and take them away with us for recycling

In addition we do a wide range of custom work in this area. If you need destruction services and need it handled, call us!

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Format Five offers a wide range of hard drive destruction and e-waste management services. We can manage your entire e-waste problem directly, or only handle destruction at your site while you enjoy full chain of custody of your devices.


On-Site Hard Drive Shredding

We have custom designed and built a heavy duty hard drive shredding unit which can drive into your site, shred your devices, and drive away. Your devices can be destroyed without ever leaving your custody, and we handle the rest!


Disarmament and Disposal

Don't know how to properly handle and dispose of your end of life devices? We offer disarmament and disposal services. We remove any data bearing devices from your equipment, shred them properly, and handle recycling for you.


E-Waste Management

Do you need ongoing consulting services to handle your company's e-waste management and equipment end-of-life handling? We have the experience and connections to appropriately manage this risk for you.